What does ADSE stand for

Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering

What is the duration of ADSE?


What does the ADSE curriculum cover?

It covers Semesters 1 - 4. Electives are to be chosen in Semesters 3 & 4.

What is the duration for DISM?

1 year.

What does the DISM curriculum cover?

Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering

What does CPISM stand for?

Certificate of Proficiency in Information System Management.

Do I need any certificate to enroll for a course?


What are the requirements for enrolling?

A Laptop

Can the fees be paid in installment?

Yes, It can

Do you give discounts?


Are the fees Negotiable?


When are the class days and time?

Monday - Friday
between 9am - 4 pm

What are the benefits of studying at the Ajah Centre?

Credit Transfer Facility:
Students who study the ADSE program and wish to get their BSc are eligible to get transferred to any affiliate universities to Study for 1 year and get their BSc.

Job placements:
Students are recommended to individuals and companies in need of IT services during and after their study with us.

International Certification